A sampling of what our clients say about
Communications Strategies:

Jeff Defazio

CEO and Board Member
Carex Health Brands

They are an extension of our marketing team. They always work through issues in the best interests of their clients and provide creative solutions that leverage their extensive media network, at a great value. Great model.

Robert Schiavone

Global Marketing Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Marty in the area of PR/communications while working with a billion dollar enterprise as well as small start-up companies. In both instances, I have come to regard him as a partner, not a supplier or vendor. His knowledge in public relations and executing the task at hand is phenomenal. Marty is the guy you want on your team. You will learn quickly why, once you work with him. He is awesome on all levels.

Melanie Martin

Owner and CEO
Suntech Optics/Sunglass
Association of America

Working with Marty is a joy. I always feel as though he has my interests top-of-mind. He has an incredible talent in crafting a compelling communication and he is creative in his approach to getting our message out. He is committed to his clients and he proves it with his consistent communication and feedback.

David J. Stob

Sterilyfe LLC

Marty has a brilliant PR mind and his writing skills are excellent. His ability to quickly study and assess the target audience, create excitement and get the attention of editors is amazing. He demonstrates a gift to develop relationships with key journalists, who appreciate his willingness to make the job easy for them. In turn, we get the crucial coverage that brought our foam pump from obscurity to national and world attention.

Robert Brands

Rules of Innovation™

I have known and worked with them since 1990 and have used the firm's services every step of the way in my career. We were recognized for having an excellent PR program in place. Marty manages to get us in the news on a monthly basis and is thorough, creative and punctual. They need minimal input to deliver creative product that appeals to journalists and readers alike.

Norbert de Jong

Marketing Director
Rexam Personal Care

In our quest to become more of a market driven company, the focus on marketing has increased intensively. Professionalizing our external and internal communications is a key element of building the image and positioning of our product lines and organization. Communications Strategies has played a key role in our marcom activities. Marty has proven to be what we call a true 'word magician.' Based on his writing skills, his amazing, quick understanding of our business and his ability to capture the essence of our new programs with only a short briefing, Marty has contributed significantly to our reaching our communications objectives. We have been able to increase our trade visibility, strengthen our brand positioning and reach an effective dollar spending on communications.