Our Approach

We're marketers and this is all about strategic marketing. Since 1998, we've worked with a select group of clients to create marketing solutions - through use of public relations tactics.

Experience does count. Knowledge of a wide range of consumer and business-to-business markets means fast ramp-up and quick return on your investment.

Message clarity and continuity also count. A lot. We ensure that all your marketing communications functions deliver the same messages, to the right audiences at the right time. The key is making it all "of a piece": Advertising, promotion, social networking, direct sales. To build your brand. Increase awareness. Trial. Repurchase. Traffic. Move the sales needle.

Here's what happens: we become stewards of your brand.

One last thing: we may be in "PR" but we know how to listen. To clients. Reporters. Customers. Industry influencers. Good listeners make great storytellers. And that's how you benefit - we tell your story, in a compelling, on-strategy fashion, to your sales targets, through the prism of the news media.

Why Communications Strategies?

We are easy and enjoyable to work with (or so our clients tell us), and we deliver superior return-on-investment. There is virtually no ramp-up time.

We are nimble, responsive and smart. With us, you don't have to be the biggest player in your industry to get an outsized share of voice. We outhustle your competition's PR efforts, because we (a) simply work harder and more efficiently and (b) know how reporters work and what they need.

The process is simple. First, we listen to you. Hear your dreams, your challenges. Your marketing goals and objectives. Your plans for future products and services.

Communications messaging is quickly created, presented and fine-tuned, with ongoing client input an essential part of the equation. Tactical elements are developed. Implementation is soon underway.

We are in constant contact, with industry observations, recommendations, ideas on mid-course corrections and opportunistic approaches. Every month, we report on our progress.

In short, it's a healthy collaboration that begins the moment our professional engagement is finalized.

At which point, the fun begins.


Things We
Believe In

  • The client is the
    "hero" - not us
  • The power of branding
  • Superior writing skills still
    carry the day
  • Honest, hard work
  • Messages must be
    returned quickly
  • Delighting our clients
  • Help the reporter develop
    the story
  • Creative and organized
    are not mutually exclusive
  • Community service is a must
  • Take time to just
    think -- every day
  • The genius of Jimi